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The Begining

Since it's incorporation in 1961, the company has gained a wealth of experience through meeting the requirements of the construction industry in promoting the development of Nigeria through the manufacture of high and marketing it's fibre cement roofing and ceiling products and the supply of high quality goods and services.

The foundation stone of the company was laid on 3rd October 1961 by late Dr. The Hon. M. I. Okpara, the Premier of the then Eastern Nigeria. 

With the assistance of its European partners, the Belgian Etex Group, the company is well able to meet the requirements of the demanding market through a continuing programme of technical improvements, strict quality controls and emphasis on customer satisfaction.

 Our Mission

"To be the leader in the manufacture and sale of high quality building products with zero waste management culture and to sustain the business in a profitable manner with the knowledge that Emenite will stand by you while continually improving the creativity motivation and safety of all our employees."

 Our EHS Policy

Emenite Limited is renown for her high level of safety awareness and implementation amongst its staff, management and stakeholders. The management continually pursues a safe, healthy, accident-free and pollution-free environment for the entire staff and the public. It is in continuation of these efforts, that a well articulated set of safety rules, health hazards precautions and prevention were put together in a General Information, Rules & Regulation on Health, Safety & Environment in Emenite Limited. In a large company like ours, successful and accident-free operations can only be achieved by working within a framework of carefully formulated rules and regulations.

It may be of interest to know that Emenite Limited replaced asbestos with Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) Fibre in the year 2000 to make her products asbestos free.

Every staff is given a safety induction on commencement of duties in Emenite Limited.


It is the policy of Emenite Limited to provide high quality products and services that will always meet or exceed our customers expectations at the most competitive terms both in the local and international markets.


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Commitment and Wellbeing
  • Quality and Environmental Friendliness

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